BI was founded in 1998 to serve emerging businesses and nonprofits with the latest web strategy, branding, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and web development services. We believe an effective integration of these disciplines is critical to succeeding online.

We specialize in working for Healthcare organizations, environmental organizations, and public libraries.

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Some of the ways we differentiate ourselves include:

  • Completion of over 1,400 projects for 500 plus clients, delivering end-to-end services including web strategy, branding, user experience design, information architecture, mobile responsive web design, web application development, Drupal and WordPress development, e-commerce, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, analytics, content marketing, CRM integration, and website security.
  • A design philosophy that emphasizes clean, efficient visual communications and compelling content.
  • Proven tactics for increasing online visibility, leads, and brand engagement.
  • Extensive Drupal and WordPress experience creating and maintaining large websites (1,000 + pages), including developing custom modules and plugins.
  • Online resources such as the eValuator, a website grading tool used over 40,000 times, Grow Online (our blog), a Glossary of website building terms, Statistics about web design, marketing, and technology, and Concord Conserves a nonprofit we started.
  • A commitment to sustainability and triple-bottom-line business practices (People, Planet, Profit).

Our goal is to maximize the value of every project by providing a talented team that collaborates with clients to deliver exceptional communications. The ability of our clients to achieve their business objectives is how we measure our success.

"A truly phenomenal website… even our competitors have expressed how impressed they are."

- Donald Sackett, Innov-X Systems


Our mission is to create visually inspiring and engaging digital experiences for healthcare companies, environmental organizations, and public libraries. This entails effectively delivering the 3 critical components needed for a successful online presence:

  • Branding, User Interface, and User Experience Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Dev & Technology solutions

For a company to maximize the value of its online presence, all 3 parts need to integrate effectively. This is our goal and we strive to deliver these components effectively for every client.
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Industry Focus

We focus on the following industries:

Understanding our client’s business and goals is the foundation for creating effective digital experiences that enable companies to grow online.


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with a Booster program for Healthcare companies.