While the nuances of UI/UX design require a different approach than web dev, we’ve found successful projects share common characteristics such as:

  • Research: Each design project includes primary and secondary research. Primary covers a client’s industry such as UI/UX design examples, target personas, and analytics such as GA4 and heat mapping showing how people are using the site. Secondary research focuses on best-in-class design examples outside a particular industry.

    Technical research requires a savvy understanding of how to ask the right questions. The internet is the ultimate sage and the ability to utilize this resource to our client’s advantage is core to the work we do on an everyday basis. AI has extended the obligations of agencies to understand on an ongoing basis how to harness this new field to our client’s advantage.
  • Inspiration: Agency work requires continuous learning, curiosity, positivity, and a never-ending quest to find better solutions - better design, and better ways to build and optimize sites. Inspiration comes from the word ‘hope’. It’s a leap of faith to stay nimble and look for opportunities to add value continuously for our clients.
  • Teamwork: The secret sauce of every engagement - a shared goal, effective communication, positive chemistry and client collaboration, great service, a sense of humor, and giving 110%. A great team produces great results and we consider the client a part of the team. The ability of our clients to achieve their goals is how we measure our success.

That said we follow a rigorous process outlined in a Project Plan that we’ve honed since our first site design-build project back in 1998. The Project Plan has 4 phases: Discovery, Design, Development & Deployment. Each phase includes milestones, action items, deliverables, a range of hours per line item, and a schedule. The Project Plan utilizes a Waterfall project management approach though we integrate Agile sprints as well. 

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