B2B Website Design Services

Business to Business user experience design presents many challenges and opportunities for creativity and effective communications. Since B2B content is often complicated and requires an in-depth understanding of subject matter, we focus on simplifying the message, user interface design and site structure.

This often entails simplifying homepages, pushing complex content into microsites and reducing the pressure of the Homepage to serve too many purposes. Interestingly usability studies have shown that the addition of clicks to reach content is a better solution than creating fewer, more complex pages.

B2B sites are often charged with lead generation that dovetails with a lead nurturing program. This puts extra emphasis on effective ‘calls to action’ for increasing leads. This is often overlooked, relegated to an afterthought making conversion (i.e. when an anonymous user becomes a lead by filling out a form) and ROI more difficult.

With this in mind we focus on creating B2B sites that emphasize:

  • Strong calls to action, increasing conversion and sales leads
  • A simplified user interface design to improve the user experience and conversion
  • Extensive, authentic content to reinforce industry expertise and leadership
  • Content optimization, based on target SEO keywords to increase high quality traffic from Search Engines
  • A complementary e-mail and social media program for lead nurturing
  • Concise Analytics based on goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sent regularly via email to improve site conversion and ROI


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