Tackling the Web 2.0 World: 4 Simple Ways to Enhance your Business

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LinkedIn for Marketing

Tackling the Web 2.0 World: 4 Simple Ways to Enhance your Business

Harry Bartlett

When the term ‘Web 2.0’ surfaced in 2004, it’s pretty safe to say that few could have predicted just how extreme the impact was going to be on internet usage in only 4 years time.

It has taken the corporate world to new heights, one Web 2.0 application at a time.

Below are 4 useful applications and answers to the question

“How can this benefit me?"

Using Youtube for Marketing1. YouTube

This video sharing site allows anyone to upload and share videos online and is a great way to increase website traffic and brand awareness, display product demos, and even share customer testimonials. You can even see who is watching your videos with the YouTube Insight feature. This is an excellent marketing tool that showcases how many views you are receiving per day, your popularity, and views by country and state using color coded maps.

2. Facebook

This is a popular social networking site that has come a long way from being a ‘college students only’ site to now allowing anyone with an email address to join. It is a way to interact with your colleagues and to network with other business professionals. Link sharing, joining interest groups, and sharing photos can dramatically increase your web presence. Also, taking advantage of Facebook Ads, Insights, Polls, Pages, and Platform can be very effective.

Using LinkedIn for Marketing3. LinkedIn

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is a social networking site but has a slightly different approach in that it manages mainly your professional relationships. It presents you with the resources to find new business opportunities, gather knowledge from others, and connect with people you know. Once you sign up, you can get individuals to join your network simply by importing contacts from your email, searching for colleagues, or even old classmates. Don’t forget to join professional groups- it’s an excellent way to obtain feedback on your company or start an insightful discussion on the latest topics in your field.

View my LinkedIn profile as an example

Using Blogger for Marketing4. Blogger, Drupal, Typepad, and Wordpress

Using a free blogging platform such as Blogger, Drupal, Typepad or Wordpress is an easy way to get started with a blog. Having one can increase traffic to your site, allow you to share your areas of expertise, display photos, and interact with other bloggers. You can use targeted keywords in your text that link to your site or to other sites you find useful. Even on a relatively low budget, a blog can be designed, developed, and search engine optimized to bring you the most web traffic.

Learn more about how to use LinkedIn for marketing, and other useful applications for your business by visiting Bartlett Interactive.

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