5 Ways to Promote Your New Website

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5 Ways to Promote Your New Website

5 Ways to Promote Your New Website

Harry Bartlett
How to promote your new website tips

(Updated 6/28/2017)

Congratulations! You have a shiny new website built especially for you... now what do you do??

5 ways to promote your new website tips

We like to describe a new website like an “island” to our clients. The website is now officially out there in cyberspace, but just like an island, it has no way for people to access it. The next step in the process would be to start building the roads and bridges that help visitors to get there. Let’s start with some of the best ways to begin marketing your website so people can see it:

1) Through Search Engine Optimization.

Optimizing a website starts before the website is built, so make sure your web development company understands the importance of creating a great user experience. Search engines including Google look for quality content, high site performance, great user experience, and web authority. The first and best way to appeal to search engines is through search engine optimization.  

Optimize your site with specific keywords to attract relevant traffic to help build traffic and earn qualified leads. Optimizing a website will help you to stand out amongst your competitors in search engines results. There are about a million ways to optimize your site (and a million things not to do) so make sure you get the help of an SEO professional if you plan on beginning the process.

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2) Through Great Content.

Content is technically a part of search engine optimization, but it’s so important that it needs more than a mention. Content tells your story, provides a voice for your organization, and makes your brand seem even more authentic and real. As we’ve mentioned in our previous B2B content marketing blog post, content marketing attracts and engages qualified traffic and potential leads. It is extremely important that you don’t let your website go stagnant after it is created. Adding quality content regularly will show that you really, really know your stuff!

3) Through Email Marketing.

According to the Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census 2017, two-thirds of marketers (73%) state that email delivers excellent or good ROI, with 22% of businesses driving sales through this channel. The great thing about email is that it's straightforward and easy to measure and track marketing ROI.

Email marketing helps to build and nurture relationships, so what better way to announce your new website then through your contact database? Encourage people to visit your website by showing them interesting new blog posts, downloads, products, case studies, photos, and more.

4) Through Social Media.

Did you know that Facebook users on average will spend about 35 minutes per day on the platform? (Source) There are over 2 billion active Facebook users, 328 million Twitter users, and 111 million Google users.

Social media is more than just a trend, it’s a required marketing tool. Social media allows people to communicate with your brand on a regular basis and helps to build relationships with key publics and potential customers. Use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to start sharing valuable content from your website.

5) Through Video Marketing.

Did you know that a third of online activity is spent watching videos? Not only that but, every day globally 25% of people are watching online videos. (Source 2016)

Don’t overlook video marketing while marketing your brand new website. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month (Source) and Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, dwarfing Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL. 

Here are a few simple content ideas for video marketing:

1) Tips and How-tos 
2) Feature demos (product demos)
3) Webinar recordings
4) Q & A Sessions
5) Interviews

....and more!


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