ABC TMA: Project Summary

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ABC TMA: Project Summary

Harry Bartlett

A Better City TMA is a nonprofit organization working to address and improve transportation issues in the Boston area. ABC promotes the use of sustainable transportation options that will in turn improve both mobility and air quality. 

The new ABC Drupal CMS is feature rich and provides a center of resources for each organization and member that participates in commuting programs. Members have the ability to easily register for programs and track their data (number of car-free days, miles traveled, etc) monthly. Depending on their participation, members can be rewarded with raffle prizes and other incentives. Greenhouse Gas Emission reductions are also calculated per person and per company/organization.   

Another important feature is the cost savings calculator, which determines how much your commute really costs, and how much you could be saving monthly by participating in a more sustainable commuting method. 

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