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Agatha & Louise

Harry Bartlett


Gray and Persephone opened their shop, Agatha & Louise in Portland Maine’s Old Port in May of 2005. They had long dreamed of opening a store filled with specialty items relating to dogs. Specializing in decorative items and gifts for dog lovers of all ages, their shop is filled with beautiful, unique and elegant items. BI created 2 stores: Agatha & Louise and Agatha & Louise Home using the ProStores e-commerce platform.

"We consistently hear that our website, which has over 1,200 products, is easy to use, navigate and is a pleasure to look at. Also, I often hear from people who own stores and have websites that it takes a long time to get their "web guy" to update things on their site, and to take care of problems that arise etc... Fortunately, Bartlett is always quick to take care of any issues that arise. I appreciate the fact that I can call at 5:30p with an issue with my SSL cerificate and have it already taken care of when I re-open the store at 10am the next morning (he even took time to email me late last night)."

- Gray Ashton, Owner, Agatha & Louise

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Harry started BI in 1998 and focuses on integrating best practices in branding, user experience design, Internet marketing, and technology to increase the value of an online presence.
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