Building an Online Community

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Building an Online Community

Harry Bartlett

The following is a guest blog post written by Kate Yoder, executive director of the Concord Conservatory of Music back in 2009.

"With the growing number of social media outlets on the web, I thought it would be a great opportunity to build an online community on the Concord Conservatory of Music (CCM) website.  I wanted to create an area for students as well as family and friends to experience all that the school has to offer.

In working with Bartlett, they were able to incorporate several features such as video streaming through a video sharing service, Vimeo, for watching music recitals, a Flickr photo gallery so anyone can upload photos of events and/or students playing instruments, as well as a link to the CCM Facebook page.

The ultimate goal is for everyone involved in The Concord Conservatory of Music to feel like part of a community. By sharing photos with one another, watching recitals, interacting on Facebook, and making the website more user-friendly, we are able to make that happen."

Kate Yoder
Concord Conservatory of Music

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