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Socializing at Bartlett Interactive's studio

Business After Hours

Harry Bartlett

Last night we hosted the Concord Chamber of Commerce’s monthly business after hours event. It was a great chance to show off our new studio and to network with other local business people.

After some great conversations, which inevitably ended up in the finer points of search marketing and web trends, we all gave our elevator speeches to the crowd. One of our clients, Shelley Amster from Apelles Partners attended as well as Peter Bagley from The Marketing Dept. I learned about Paul Jensen’s Jaegerbakkens (a dog breed of small munsterlanders) and that he has no problem with website traffic since he is the only breeder in North America (a marketing coup of which we’re all jealous!).

Lots of others attended, too numerous to mention, but we’d like to thank everyone who made the event a success.

Check out some more photos from the event

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