Cafe UTEC Opening

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Cafe UTEC Opening

Harry Bartlett

It was a pleasure visiting UTEC, a client of ours, to attend the opening of Cafe UTEC last week and support their most recent initiative. The large turnout included inspired teens, social activists and members of the business community. The mayor of Lowell, Rodney M. Elliott, also attended and spoke at the event. 

UTEC is a nationally recognized youth development agency that focuses on helping disconnected youth trade violence and poverty for social and economic success.

Rodney Elliott, Mayor of Lowell

Rodney M. Elliott, Mayor of Lowell

We greatly appreciated the opportunity to help design and build the UTEC website a few years ago. We were also fortunate enough to host an intern from the organization. The UTEC website includes many features such as an innovative fundraising section, extensive videos, photo galleries, an online store, online advocacy tools and social media integration. Read more about how we’ve worked with non-profits to increase online fundraising.

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