Is Content More Important Than Design?

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Is Content More Important Than Design?

Harry Bartlett

Today, where life seemingly revolves around the web and social media, it appears as though content is the key to success.  After all, what would a blog be without posts, a twitter without tweets, and a Facebook without silly status updates? Content provides the user with something to connect and interact with; it starts a discussion, sells a product, answers a question. However, with all the emphasis on creating valuable content, where does web design fit into the mix? If you think about it, you'll find that content needs design more than you might think. 

Design is not meant to overtake content, rather it is meant to compliment it; it sets the mood and gives direction to the user. Within a subconscious instant (one twentieth of a second!), a user makes a judgement based on the aesthetics (color, layout, presentation, etc) of a site. This judgement determines how the user feels upon first viewing the site - simply put- either good, or bad. Getting that good feeling is important, as it will encourage the user to explore further, getting a better taste of that all important content. A good design will guide the user; bring him through a hierarchy of most important content to least, tell him to "READ THIS" or "BUY THIS"(e-commerce), and hopefully, he does. Nevertheless, don't underestimate the value of a great first impression! (And say no to comic sans!) 

Here are a few sites worth a quick look (especially if you like yachts... and wine) - 

Zurn Yachts website


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Are you old enough to wine?

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