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Harry Bartlett

"Judgments on website credibility are 75% based on a website’s overall aesthetics." (source)

Here are some of the latest UX/UI design trends:

  • Simpler designs perform best. The web is too busy - simple design and messaging are more engaging. Learn more at "Why Simple Website Designs Are Scientifically Better".
  • Color matters a lot, it's what people respond to in less than a second. Use 2 colors or less unless for strategic reasons. more
  • Logos are more effective when smaller and simpler. Branding is subservient to visuals and messaging. more
  • Content-centered design prioritizes message over brand. Don't let your brand compete/distract from what people want. Read more about Content Centered Design.

Check out this free eBook: UI Design Trends for 2019.

The eBook covers the following 5 topics and trends: 

  • All about color
  • Subtle branding
  • Split-screen design
  • Data visualizations
  • Layering with interactivity
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