Drive Traffic to Both Your Website and Facebook

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Drive Traffic to Both Your Website and Facebook

Harry Bartlett
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According to a recent study conducted by market research company Lab 42, “50% of consumers value a brand’s Facebook more than their website.”

Leveraging social media is essential to creating a balanced and healthy online presence. There are several different ways to increase traffic and increase conversion rate for both websites and social media sites.

  1. Incorporate share buttons on each page of your website in a prominent place.There,consumers can like your page without searching for the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn icons.
  2. Include your website URL on your Facebook page. Also, link back to your website in Facebook posts, ensuring that traffic is going both ways.
  3. Develop your website with a responsive design. Consumers are often on their smart phones browsing the web while simultaneously browsing Facebook. If it easy to like a brand from your mobile website, you can increase “likes” while increasing traffic.

If your brand is thinking about re-designing their website, it is important to keep in mind these recent statistics, while adapting to the ever-changing internet realm. If your brand has yet to get into social media - there is no day like today! Contact us to learn more about we can help drive traffic to your website and Facebook!

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