Email Marketing Best Practices

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Email Marketing Best Practices

Harry Bartlett

We are bombarded with new marketing techniques every day, so it’s easy to wonder if more traditional approaches, like email marketing, are still relevant. Have no fear, email marketing is NOT dead! In fact, it is alive and kicking -- and offering the best ROI for your marketing dollars. For every $1 spent, there is a $44.25 average return on the email marketing investment. (Source) Plus, did you know that 91% of consumers check their email daily? (Source)

All of this being said, email marketing can help your brand and your business.

How Can Email Marketing Help Me?

  1. Email helps to build relationships with key target publics. Email marketing is great for creating brand awareness and trust. Plus, emails boost lead generation and also increase social interaction.

  2. Email helps to nurture relationships. Besides driving sales, email marketing also helps to build customer loyalty. The great thing about emails is that they help to establish credibility and create rapport, a priceless benefit.

  3. Emails educate. Use emails to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. Provide helpful or creative emails and prove that you are a value to your customers.  

  4. Emails serve as gentle reminders. Emails help to keep you in front of your customers. If you regularly email your customers, eventually they will think of your services the next time they are required. Emails help to keep you in front of your customers. 

A few of our favorite stats about email marketing:

  • Approximately 60% of marketers say that email marketing is producing an ROI for their business (Source)  Tweet this Stat!

  • 48% of consumers say they prefer to communicate with brands via email (Source)  Tweet this Stat!

  • On a daily basis, US consumers interact with about 11 brands through email, compared to ~9 brands via Facebook, and ~8 brands via Twitter (Source)  Tweet this Stat!

  • The estimated number of email users by 2017 is 2.7 billion (Source)  Tweet this Stat!

  • 33% of email recipients open emails based only on the subject line (Source)  Tweet this Stat!

  • 42% of emails are opened on mobile devices (Source)  Tweet this Stat!

    Need help with your email marketing strategy? Contact the email marketing team at Bartlett Interactive and we can help you get started!
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