The Future Library

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The Future Library

The Future Library

Harry Bartlett

"A forest in Norway is growing. In 100 years it will become an anthology of books."

So begins the story of the Future Library.

Selected authors are writing books that will be printed on paper grown from this forest. In 100 years the books will be published and comprise the Library.

The brainchild of Katie Peterson, an artist from Scotland, The Future Library Trust will highlight works by authors and poets who capture the spirit of these times.

The website has a simple, compelling design, including video of the Norwegian forest and audio of a narrator who elegantly introduces the concept.

Since we focus on designing library websites we found this site a compelling and creative way that people are re-imagining Library websites of the future.

While some say libraries are becoming less needed with the growth of online resources, we think quite the contrary. Libraries are becoming more compelling as they evolve to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated patrons.

The Future Library exemplifies people's interest and fascination with libraries.

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