How to Generate Leads for Lawn Care Service Companies

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How to Generate Leads for Lawn Care Service Companies

Harry Bartlett

Call-to-Actions (CTA) for lawn care companies are about generating leads. Since most people know what they want when they visit a lawn care company, it’s important to put the CTA above the fold on the home page.

As defined in our online glossary, a CTA “could be in the form of a text link, button, image, or another type of weblink that entices a visitor of your site to be directed further into the site to help them learn more or become a lead.” There are various types of CTAs, including “Request a Quote or Estimate”, “Contact Us” or “Click Here for More Info”. Other options include asking users to download a whitepaper, read more about your services, or visit a special page on the site, or just an internal link. CTAs function similar to an arrow on an enter sign. They help to move visitors deeper into the website to either gain more information on the reason why they entered or to qualify them as a lead. Your website needs a CTA on every page in order to improve user experience and guide the user through the site, pointing them in the right direction.

Every website should have some type of CTA available to visitors. You can read more about including vital CTAs on your website in this Hubspot blog post.

With that in mind, what CTA is right for you? Like all answers, it depends. For most lawn care companies it would make sense to include a CTA and webform near the top of the page in order to easily collect leads. There might also be a great location to include images of work you have completed to give visitors a visual of what they are signing up for. Lawn care is easy to understand for users and makes it logical to have a “Request a Quote” upon entering the site.

An example of a strong CTA is for the local lawn care company, Lawn Dawg. As seen below, they have a Call-to-Action with a webform at the top of the page. This company also features an additional spotlight CTA that features special seasonal services.  An added bonus on this website is a scrolling chat feature that gives visitors the ability to communicate with the organization directly and in real-time.

Lawn Care Call-To-Action Example

As they say, good things should be in moderation! Not every CTA fits every lawn care company, and as with everything in website design, testing is vital. Having a strong CTA on every page helps users know where to go next. However, what that CTA should be and how many is up to your business and what your users are looking for. Test these features and learn what works well for your business and your customers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop strong CTAs.

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