The Google Buddha: 3 Concepts Critical to SEO Success

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The Google Buddha: 3 Concepts Critical to SEO Success

Harry Bartlett

SEO is often mired with misinformation from modern day snake oil salesmen including overly complex formulas that often obscure the most important considerations. With this in mind it’s helpful to think of Google as an all knowing Buddha - wise and compassionate, rewarding those who play by the rules.

Here are 3 Buddha like principals critical to a successful SEO strategy.

  1. Be Yourself: If you try to fake out Google with keyword stuffing, link farming, excessive phony link backs, black hat SEO techniques you will eventually be flagged and put at the back of the search rank line. But if your company, specifically the words and pictures that describe your company are accurate and descriptive about who you are, what makes you unique and what you are best at, Google will reward you with high page rank.
  2. Ubiquity: Within the Google eco-system ubiquitous content is king because that is how they rank you. This means publishing as much as you can not just on your website but throughout the ‘marketing cloud’ i.e. social media sites, vertical directories, blogs, news wires etc. This also means you have to have something to say and know how to say it. This means images, photos, illustrations, videos as well as good copy about what your company does best, what your values are and why your company is worth knowing about.
  3. Fear Not: OK, when people write ‘marketing’ copy typically it is fraught with generic, often phony claims meant to hide defects and promote flimsy strengths. This is driven in part by a basic fear that if the consumer knew everything about a company they would flee. But the reality that Google has created is that you have to be more than safe now. You have to be unique, valuable and real. The web levels the playing field and lowers the cost of entry. Consumers reward authenticity and punish corporate fakery generated by marketers driven by fear and greed rather than unadulterated value. Viral marketing is ‘cost effective’ but it requires not worrying about taking a stand and being vulnerable at times.

  4. Google makes it easy and hard. Easy in that all you need to be is true to your company’s values and publish extensively, and hard in that you have to be either very good or very unique, preferably both. That being said it is a wise person who goes with the flow and a fool who tries to deceive Google, the all knowing Buddha of the Internet, rewarding those who play by the rules.

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