Bartlett Interactive Launches 'Grow'

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Bartlett Interactive's studio in West Concord, Massachusettes

Bartlett Interactive Launches 'Grow'

Harry Bartlett

Company Blog launched to inspire businesses to grow - with the Internet as a guide.

We have launched our first official Blog called ‘Grow’. It is designed as a knowledge base for the online community. The name signifies what we seek to help our clients and others do.

"We're hoping our blog will help bridge the gap between what we know and what our clients would like to know. We probably sift through about 20 e-mail newsletters, webinars, case studies and other info about web design/development, Internet marketing and branding every day. Having a forum/knowledge base to house this info will hopefully help our clients grow," said Harry Bartlett, Principal at Bartlett Communications.

The Blog was created using an open source content management platform, Drupal. Topics will include Web Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Branding, e-Commerce, and others within interactive corporate communications.

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