How Healthy is Your Website?

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How Healthy is Your Website?

Harry Bartlett

A free website tool called the 'eValuator' will show you what you didn't know about your website.

With the rapid pace of development in web technology, it is hard for companies to pinpoint key factors that comprise a successful website. Often times things look normal to viewers, yet businesses can see they are not getting the traffic and conversions they need from their websites. Knowing what website improvements result in higher ROIs can be difficult, which is why we have launched a website tool called the eValuator, as a guide.

The objective is to provide businesses with a resource to gauge the health and value of their website and to address the challenges that they face when trying to optimize their business presence online.


The eValuator uses a scoring system to grade a website based on different indicators, such as:

- Google PageRank

- Alexa TrafficRank

- technical errors [e.g. clean URLs, nested tables]

- marketing components [e.g. meta information, press releases, XML sitemap]

- analytics

Each is weighted separately depending on its level of importance in comparison to the others. To help those who are not familiar with specific terms, each indicator includes a description of what it is, why it is important and ways to improve performance. It is best used as an educational tool, enabling marketing directors to have a better understanding of how to boost website traffic and increase sales.

To enter a website and receive a score, check out the eValuator.

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