How To Increase Donations Online For Nonprofits

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How To Increase Donations Online For Nonprofits

Harry Bartlett

Here are some of the ways that nonprofits can increase donations from their website and online presence. These are well known best practices as well as methods we have used for our clients.

  • Create personas for each type of stakeholder and understand what drives them to donate.
  • Create content around donation pages that effectively communicate the mission and support the unique aspects of each persona. This includes videos, photography, and stories showing how donations improve lives.
  • Evaluate the best way to receive donations whether it be 3rd party software such as Network For Good, or a more seamless user experience where the e-commerce is handled on the main site.
  • Provide information that donors want to see such as how the donations will be used and examples of ongoing and past projects.
  • Create a section on a website that provides multiple ways to support the organization.
    • For example, a youth organization titled their donation section "invest". The pages within the section include "Donate Money", "Hire Us", " Donate a Tweet", "Wishlist", "Ways to Give", "Facilities Rentals", and "Funders".
  • Include a "Why I Give" section that highlights different types of donors and why they support the organization.
  • Craft a well-branded fundraising email campaign with compelling content.
  • Build tailored landing pages with popup call-to-action blocks for users.
  • Provide internet marketing training on best practices for nonprofit organizations.
  • Develop content and calls to action on Social Media properties and integrate into the main website. Utilize social media to build better relationships with volunteers and other key stakeholders.

The Internet provides the unique possibility of engaging key stakeholders in dialogue, which is essential for nonprofit fundraising. An organization must have a well-designed, easy to use, and helpful website in order to connect effectively with its target audiences. It is our goal to help create the best online experience for visitors, in order to increase donations and build a relationship between the brand and potential donors.

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