eValuator Entries Indicate A Lack of Well Optimized Websites

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eValuator Entries Indicate A Lack of Well Optimized Websites

Harry Bartlett

It has been 4 months since the launch of Bartlett's website eValuator tool.

For those who have not seen it, it is a tool used to assess the health of a website based on different indicators, such as search engine rankings, technical issues, marketing components and analytics.

The results have proven the inevitable: most websites are not well optimized.

Since the launch, 72% of all websites entered into the eValuator received a score below 80 (out of 100) and 83% in the month of February. Some of the common problems for small websites are the lack of an xml sitemap, favicon, and rss feed.

  • An xml sitemap is a map of your site that helps search engines better index the pages of your site.
  • A favicon is a small icon in the corner of the URL bar and can increase branding recognition by have one. 
  • An RSS feed is helpful for sharing news about your company, new additions to your website, and more. The more you share information, the more visible you will be online.

Check back for new posts on more eValuator statistics.

To try the eValuator out for yourself and see how your website measures up, click here.

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