LinkedIn Tips for B2B Marketers

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LinkedIn Tips for B2B Marketers

Harry Bartlett

LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network of the Internet with more than 330 million members in over 200 countries and territories. (source) There are 107 million LinkedIn users in the United States and professionals are signing up to join the social media network at a rate of more than two members per second. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is more tailored to the business world, and ideally suited for B2B marketers.

Here are three ways to leverage LinkedIn for B2B marketing:

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform
LinkedIn publishing allows members to build their professional brand through publishing posts on LinkedIn. Publishing content through the professional publishing platform allows member to establish authority on certain subject matter and supports the overall network. Make sure that the content shared on LinkedIn is unique and original, not a copy and paste from your company blog. Use LinkedIn to post materials focused on specific techniques or services.

Create a Showcase Page
LinkedIn Showcase Pages are used to highlight a company’s individual brands. A Showcase Page is an extension of your Company Page, designed to spotlight a specific brand, initiative or division. Each Showcase Page can be used for a specific aspect of the business, with tailored messaging. Just like with a regular company page on LinkedIn, people can follow a certain Showcase Page that they are most interested in. Showcase pages are ideal for targeting specific buyer personas and building relationships with LinkedIn members.

Strategic Profile
A LinkedIn company profile should be well-fleshed out and optimized for search engines and users. Just like a website, a LinkedIn company page should have a prominent call-to-action that asks visitors

to fulfill a specific task. For example, if your goal is to garner leads through specific content, promote that action in your header image and in the text below. You want to include clear and compelling reasons reasoning why visitors should fulfill this action and what they should do next.


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