How Not to Lose Leads - the Marketing to Sales Handoff

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How Not to Lose Leads - the Marketing to Sales Handoff

Harry Bartlett


Don’t let your prospects become dead—turn them into qualified leads with

A surprisingly high amount of sales leads get lost  because there is nowhere to put them.  According to MarketingSherpa, a Cahners CARR Research report indicated that an average of 70% of leads given to sales are never even contacted. Why go through the trouble of having people fill out a form on your web site, for example, if the information is just going to be sent to an unorganized database, never to be seen again?

Luckily, that problem can be solved. is a CRM system that is not like traditional software in that it is an Internet service. This makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere.  One of the great features is its ability to capture the leads from your web site.

You can create a form for your web site by using selected fields such as Name, Email, Company, and Address as well as creating custom fields specific to your company.

- For instance, let’s say you are a company who makes Products 1, 2, and 3. If a potential client was able to show an interest in Product 2 when they filled out the form, then your sales department could divide the leads up according to the product.

Once the ‘Web-to-Lead’ form has all the fields you want, you then ‘generate’ the form. An HTML is displayed which you give to your webmaster to put into your live site.

Now you don't have to ask Joe at the desk next to you where he put the information about that prospective client from a few weeks ago. Now, every time someone fills out a form on your web site, you have all of their information inserted directly into without even lifting a finger.

It is up to you, however, to take those new leads and become proactive!

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