Bartlett Interactive Sponsor's Metro West Legal Services Event

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Bartlett Interactive Sponsor's Metro West Legal Services Event

Harry Bartlett

We were proud to sponsor the Metro West Legal Services (MWLS) ‘35 Stars’ event earlier this week at the Wellesley College Club. We created the MWLS website about a year ago. MWLS provides free legal services to low income people who otherwise would be denied justice.

The keynote speaker, Prof. Kathleen Engel, gave a powerful speech about everything from predatory lending to the larger U.S. financial quagmire. Her keynote was followed by several awards to those who have aided low income people including the homeless, elderly, disabled, immigrant and otherwise disenfranchised. The evening was capped off by proclamations by the Massachusett’s Senate and Congressional representatives recognizing the critical service MWLS has provided over the past 25 years.

Sally and I both left the event feeling inspired by the good work that one of ourclients has done and happy to have sponsored such a well deserving organization.

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