Nadal is #1 Again, Passion Rules!

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Rafael Nadal Passion

Nadal is #1 Again, Passion Rules!

Harry Bartlett

While recently attending the US Open in NY, it struck me that Rafael Nadal is the #1 tennis player in the world due to one key ingredient - passion. This got me thinking more about what passion is and what role it can play at work, home and all the things we do.

Nadal’s success is due in part from the many aspects of passion - love, enthusiasm, and persistence. He tries harder, doesn’t quit, has fun, revels in the process and when he screws up, he doesn’t get down on himself. And when he succeeds he is happier beyond belief. See the video below and how he grinds it out as they say in tennis circles, and when he finally wins some of these points, he fist pumps with such spontaneous jubilation, conquest, relief and absolute demolishment of his foe, all it can do is inspire, make you laugh and go Vamos Rafa!

See it here:

It's important to note, Nadal doesn’t have the best strokes, he hasn’t won the most Grand Slams, he didn’t receive the best coaching growing up. What he lacks in skill he makes up for with passion. The key ingredient to the success of any project, job, task, relationship - whatever it is, there is no substitute for passion. And Nadal has it in spades. All hail Nadal, #1 for the right reasons.

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