Quality Without Compromise: Launch Your Web Site On Time and On Budget

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Quality Without Compromise: Launch Your Web Site On Time and On Budget

Harry Bartlett

Image of a computer with open browser, depciting website management servicesPlanning is Everything (and Ongoing)
Setting out to build a truly great web site is a noble goal, but is a task doomed to mediocrity without a thoughtfully composed project plan. Whether you are building your site in house or are working with a design firm, insist on using a plan which allocates the following:

  • Project personal + responsibilities, both internal and external
  • Design + Development milestones
  • Deliverables, clearly defined

Each of the above requires an estimate to be reached collaboratively with the project members responsible. Talented web workers can only compensate for so much pressure to finish tasks in a timeframe they did not create.

Progress Checks: Fruitful or Fruitless?
Today’s businesses are focused on reducing bureaucracy and excess managerial overhead, but the value of a project leader who keeps the burn rate under control is priceless. Frequently keeping a current view of what has been done and what needs to be done as hourly figures is crucial if your goal is uncompromising quality.

Getting Stuck
Nothing will blow a budget faster than pushing off stakeholder approval or a lax schedule. Once a web site is underway, any administrative or communication delays are inefficient and will eat the time needed for the team to do their best work. Keeping everyone moving with frequent reminders is a great way to maintain momentum on a web project.

The Last Mile
More often than not, the last mile of a web project requires the most effort. Carefully tracking even small changes (and increasing your budget accordingly) will preserve your time for the oh so important testing, review and bug fixes which accumulate at the end of every project. Details define a great site and a well tended plan will give your team a solid foundation to get them right.

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