StayGreen Launches New Website & Marketing Campaign

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StayGreen Launches New Website & Marketing Campaign

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StayGreen Lawn Services, founded by Mark Kelbacher, a 30 year veteran of lawn care services, successfully launched their new business, website and an online marketing campaign in 2018. Based in Chicopee MA, StayGreen specializes in environmentally safe and sustainable lawn care, specifically aeration, overseeding, grub control, and lime treatment. Bartlett Interactive worked with Mark and the StayGreen team to develop the new website and marketing campaign that saw leads go from 0 to over 120 in two months. Utilizing the Avada WordPress mega-theme, Bartlett created a new logo, website, and SEO program to launch this new business.

"I am very pleased with the outcome and design of our new website. We wanted a clean and fresh look that would stand out in our industry. From our fist initial contact with Bartlett and the Team, we were very pleased. We had a vision on content and the look of our website and they delivered. After the website was completed, we looked for some added support with SEO and drive traffic to our website ( The Bartlett team exceeded our expectations. We look forward to future projects with Bartlett!"  – Mark Kelbacher, Owner, StayGreen Lawn Service

Several Marketing and Website Design & Build tactics were performed to achieve these results. Here are details.

1. Marketing

The following outlines SEO, PPC, and Lead Get tactics used.

This included reviewing existing copy for the site, the ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ (USP), writing new copy and blog posts, editing existing copy, making content search engine optimized, evaluating existing visual imagery and selecting new visual imagery.

PPC Advertising
Setting up campaigns in Google AdWords and Facebook, inserting Event Tracking Javascript code to track quote submissions (Facebook Pixel and Google Events), reviewing analytics and adjusting campaigns.

Lead Generation
Integrating Privy software into the website, that will display a pop up with an offer and adjusting settings to increase conversions. 

Keyword Analysis
Performing keyword research and analysis, including determining the most important keywords that someone would enter into a search engine using Wordtracker, Google Search Console and Google Keyword Planner, as well as researching existing rank, competitors and industry particulars.

Google Search Console
Verifying ownership in Search Console, reviewing keywords, setting up a site crawl and identifying issues, reviewing page load time (2 seconds or less).

Site Optimization
Optimizing the content and structure of the website based on the target keywords. This includes writing custom page titles, increasing keyword frequency, enhancing anchor text, tags (H1, Alt, Meta), and other techniques as needed.

XML Sitemap
Setting up a XML sitemap and connecting it to Google Search Console. This helps Google bots understand what the site is about and consequently sending more traffic.

Inbound Links
Increasing the amount of inbound links to the site from directories, blogs, and high domain authority websites.

Google My Business
Claiming the Google My Business account and optimizing the profile e.g. including all service areas.

Social Media
Optimizing social media profiles such as Houzz, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Submitting the site to general and vertical directories such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Setting up Google Analytics as well as Yelp and Angie’s list accounts.

2. Website Design & Build

The website build included the following steps.

Completing the sitemap based on input and industry comparables, outlining the navigation and content.

Template Research
Reviewing WordPress themes (templates) and mapping theme options to site content, features and navigation. The Avada mega theme was used since it includes the most capable and easy to use website editor (Avada Fusion). Avada is the most widely used, tested and functional WordPress theme in use today.

Reviewing the existing content (messaging and photography), identifying new content needed, and developing a plan for integrating the content. 

CMS Install & Alpha Site
Setting up the Content Management System (WordPress), installing Avada, and setting up the development environment.

Design & Build
Completing the initial build of pages, blog posts and custom design enhancements as well as performing initial QA with desktop and mobile devices. 

Enabling the ability to share content via email and social media.

Page Content
Adding the page content to the site.

Quality Assurance
Performing QA to ensure the user experience design is true to the design specifications, functional features are working properly and the content has been accurately integrated.

Alpha Site
Launching an Alpha site for review and performing final revisions.

Configuring the SSL certificate on the web host.

Domain name and file management.

Training & Support
Providing training and support on how to use WordPress and Avada, including how to edit, add and delete a page as well as basic image editing.

See the site and results on our website marketing results page.

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