Sudbury Valley School Launches New Press Website

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Sudbury Valley Press Website

Sudbury Valley School Launches New Press Website

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The Sudbury Valley School (SVS) is a leader in the field of progressive education. First started in the 1960s, the Sudbury Valley School model has been adopted in countries around the world. As of 2018, over 50 schools are based on the Sudbury Model. We designed the SVS Press site to distribute and sell the prodigious amount of publications they produce each year. This Press site is separate from the main SVS site and reflects SVS's commitment to thought leadership in education.

Project Goals

  • An effective user experience design that matches SVS brand values. These include originality, creativity, academic excellence and modern aesthetics.
  • A well built and cost-effective e-commerce platform that is easily editable by SVS staff.
  • An effective workflow for managing specials and reviewing new content before going live.


  • The site has sold numerous publications, has been well received by the target audience, general public and SVS staff as well as run with minimal functional issues.

See the site.

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