Websites That Generate Leads

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Websites That Generate Leads

Harry Bartlett

Lead generation and website conversion are at the core of what businesses use websites for. The following comprise the process and actions necessary to build a website around lead generation:

  1. Funnel: Develop a funnel for directing users to appropriate pages. This entails reviewing the path of a user from entry to exit and adjusting the path to increase conversion.
  2. Conversion: Map out conversion points and ways to increase leads. Conversion refers to converting an anonymous site visitor into a known person by having them fill out a form (via call to actions, landing pages, etc.), 'liking', 'following' or other interactions via social media or subscribing by being added to an email list.
  3. Call to Action: Develop effective calls to action to increase leads. This is often the most difficult and important part of lead generation. What can you give someone that they in turn will give you their contact info? The bar rises every year and 'join our mailing list' just doesn't work anymore. There are a number of effective calls to action e.g. calculators, demos, advice, premium content.
  4. Content: Create copy, videos, photos, etc., that are simple, direct, user-centered, and optimized for search engines. 
  5. Lead Management: Utilize software such as SalesForce, Marketo, or just Google Apps for scoring and nurturing leads.
  6. Analytics: Reviewing and adjusting the site to increase leads and conversions. Setting up 'goals' with the analytics program that are concise and actioinable.
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