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Isabel Gillies
"BI made launching my site very easy. They are accessible, efficient, hugely knowable, have loads of taste and couldn't be nicer people to deal with. I have great admiration for what they do (since I can barely get my email right) and would use them again and again."
Isabel Gillies
Author, Happens Every Day

 Isabel Gillies, the former Law & Order SVU actress now turned author, released her latest novel, Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World. The publication explains what it means to be cozy, as it “goes beyond mere objects” for Gillies. 

Isabel elaborates on the concept of identifying who you are as a person and encourages that truth to accompany you everywhere you go, regardless of the environment. Watch Isabel’s interview with CBS News below:  

To assist in the promotion of this new publication, Isabel asked BI to populate her existing WordPress website with updated content and restructure the information architecture. The navigation was optimized to enable a more intuitive user flow, along with the addition of new content and refined page layouts. 

Since social media has become widely integrated with today’s world, there are three ways in which we incorporated online platform functionality into this updated design. 

Included on the homepage was a ClickToTweet feature, which allows users to finish the prompt of “Cozy to me is…,” and automatically appends #MyCozy to the tweet. 

Another way we incorporated social media was featuring Isabel’s Twitter timeline, as that is the channel on which she is most active: 

The third way in which social media was incorporated was through the usage of AddThis -- a social media sharing tool -- as seen on the right sidebar of the page shown below. Upon selecting the platform of their choosing, users can instantly share the page they’re currently on with their social circles. 

The publisher for Cozy is Harper Collins, and it’s ISBN is 978-0-062-654151. Isabel is the author of three other books: Starry Night, A Year and Six Seconds, and Happens Every Day


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