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SMi Awards
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Goals: Improve performance of SMi Awards Google and Microsoft paid search and Facebook accounts. 

Services: 3 month project with bi-monthly review of all accounts, consultations with the client to make recommendations to improve performance. 

Results:  Google ppc conversion rate up 241% since start of project. Microsoft conversion rate up 470%. 
Number of monthly conversions nearly doubled from February to March. 



 The Cost Per Conversion went down significantly as well.


*We did not include Facebook results because we don’t have conversion tracking set up. We can only view landing page views. 

Recommendations that made an impact: 

  • The campaigns were spending money but not getting conversions. We looked at ways to improve ad performance. One of the first places was to fix trademark issues which prevented some ads from showing. 
  • We paused the Shopping campaign which wasn’t performing well because 1) it had too few products and 2) SMi is not a typical ecommerce shop, you have to fill out a form to get a proof, you don’t purchase watches directly. 
  • Some budgets were too low to reach the target CPAs so we raised them and pulled budgets from other ad groups. 
  • We tested using responsive ads rather than extended text (which will be phased out this year)  and updating some of the landing pages to more closely match the offers/phrasing in the ads. 
  • Each week we reviewed search terms and added many negative keywords to prevent irrelevant searches which could cost money and not produce conversions. 
  • We created a separate ad group just for Fossil brand keywords to better target keywords and landing pages
  • We created dynamic ads as an ad option which have been performing well
  • Unpin headlines from ads to allow algorithms to select the best performing ones.
  • For ads with low click through rates we adjusted and updated ad copy.
  • As ads started to perform better, we reallocated Microsoft budget to Google since it has a higher impression rate and conversion rate to maximize conversions. 

Numbers from beginning of project through April 6. 



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