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Ben Davis

Senior Developer

Ben has over 12 years experience developing websites and web applications for a wide range of clients. Ben specializes in building mobile first, Responsive sites with the Drupal framework including CiviCRM and Drupal Commerce. He has created custom modules for libraries including a room reservation system and a branch hour management module. He is well versed with technologies such as XHTML, CSS3, Sass, LESS, Compass, HTML5, MySQL, PHP,  Node.js, Apache Solr, jQuery, XML, CGI/Perl. He has contributed 399 commits to several Drupal modules and distributions including: Weight, Image Zoom, Reservation, and Starting Point. Ben has been the lead developer and architect on projects at BI for over 5 years and is a full stack web developer. When not coding he can be found skiing (a NASTAR National champion) or hiking the length of the Appalachian trail, which he did in 2008. Ben is a graduate of Lyndon State College, with an AS in Computer Science and a BA in Digital Media. See more of Ben’s experience on Drupal.

Favorite sound: Glass breaking

Fun fact: Owns 9 pairs of skis

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