Tim Kness

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Tim Kness

Creative & Technical Specialist

Tim has a curiosity and passion for design that consistently leads to unique, client-focused solutions and online experiences. Specializing in visual design and front end development, Tim’s experience has extended from the creation of e-commerce and corporate sites, digital displays, as well as both online and in-store product demonstration tools. Tim received his MFA in Photography/Interactive Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and his B.A. in Visual Design from the University of Dayton. When he’s not found behind a computer, Tim is profound in his desire to experience new things, whether it be black smithing, quilting and textile design, traveling, or playing multiple instruments in his Cajun band The Empty Bottle Ramblers.

Favorite Quote: “An idea’s just an idea if it’s only in your head. If no one gets to see it, it’s as good as dead” — Stephen Sondheim

Fun Fact: Tim has a tendency to run into famous people in the most unusual places. His favorite was bumping into renowned cellist, Yo Yo Ma, while at the salad bar of the Bose Corporation.

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