Yvette Perullo

Creative Director

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Yvette Perullo

Senior Designer

Yvette is an experienced design practitioner, educator, and sustainability advocate specializing in branding, UI/UX design, social media, and print design for companies and nonprofit organizations. Her talent for understanding unique branding challenges and helping our clients stand out in the crowded digital space make Yvette a valued addition to the BI team. Yvette is the co-founder of Re-nourish, a nonprofit organization that provides tools, lectures, and workshops to encourage sustainable design practices. She has received numerous awards and recognition from publications and organizations including Communication Arts, International Design Awards, AIGA, Print and How Magazine. Prior to joining the team at BI, Yvette was an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Newbury College. She holds a MFA in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University and an MA in Graphic Design from The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University. When not creating awesome designs, Yvette enjoys sampling the best local coffee in West Concord.

Favorite activities: Hiking and running

She is suspect of: People who don’t like cheese

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