B2C Website Design Services

The first site we designed back in 1998 was for MuseumShop.com, a business to consumer, e-commerce site. They were a well funded ‘Dot Com’ during the ‘90’s Internet gold rush, providing a great entry into the field of web design. Many years and hundreds of clients later, we have come to understand the many factors that comprise a successful B to C site.

These include:

  • An in-depth understanding of the consumer, including user profiles and motivational drivers
  • Familiarity with competitor websites in order to understand how to differentiate the site and create a better user experience
  • Exceptional branding and design, that inspires the visitor and increases desire for the product or service
  • Compelling content such as video, photography and graphics
  • Effective social media integration, both on-site and with each platform providing a consistent brand experience
  • Well written text that informs the visitor and is optimized for search engines

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