Attract, Convert, Nurture

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Attract, Convert, Nurture: 1,2,3

Attract, Convert, Nurture

Harry Bartlett

The 3 parts of an Internet marketing program

The underlying system for increasing leads with Internet marketing is quite simple and when done well it produces measurable results. Here is an overview of the process.

attract, convert, nurture with Bartlett Interactive

SEO (search engine optimization) is typically the most effective process for attracting new customers or increasing engagement with the target audience. This includes:

  • Site Optimization: adding tags and other structural modifications to a website
  • Content Marketing: creating content that attracts prospects and engages the target audience
  • Social Media optimization: setting up the appropriate platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google + etc.) and creating posts
  • Reputation Management: reviewing comments by customers and responding appropriately

This process can take anywhere from 10 hours a month and up and the basics don't have to be difficult or expensive. It only needs to be done regularly so that the the second part of the marketing program can do its part.

Conversion is when a prospect gives personal information either on a website or thru social media so they can be ‘nurtured’ later on. Examples of conversion include:

  • Calls to Action: These are given prominent placement on a website and include phrases such as 'stay connected' or 'subscribe' whereby the prospect fills out a short form that includes their email address.
  • Social Media: This is when a prospect clicks 'Like', 'Follow', 'Pin', 'Connect' etc. on Social Media. This is increasingly the easiest and most popular form of conversion.
  • Landing Pages: A page that includes a short conversion form. Landing pages are often used with Adwords campaigns, white papers and webinars.
  • Events: This is sometimes overlooked since it is off-line but includes networking events, trade shows and seminars.
  • Sales: Sometimes overlooked, data should be pulled into the marketing house list.

Note a key component of conversion is having a website that engages and inspires the target audience. Conversion won't happen if the web design and user experience doesn't generate desire for the product, service or cause.

This completes the cycle and entails staying in touch with prospects. Examples include:

  • Social Content: Post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube or whatever platform is most appropriate. Make sure the postings are important to your audience and not just about your company or organization.
  • Email: This entails nurturing your house list with customer centric messaging or relationship building content (e.g. showing appreciation to your customers) or offering discounts and incentives.
  • Blog: Post regularly (at least 1 - 2 a month) and encourage prospects to subscribe to your blog or website so that they receive posts by email or RSS.
  • Events: inviting prospects to networking events, seminars, barbecues – whatever type of event that brings you in contact with prospects.

Once all three of these components are working together the system regenerates itself and the chances for lead generation are greatly increased.

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