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Since 2001 we’ve provided SEO services. Initially, it didn’t take long to optimize a site and achieve impressive results, now it’s much more time-intensive. While plenty has changed, much has stayed the same - the importance of goals and KPIs, keyword analysis, authentic and targetted content, site health, and analytics. Here are some of the actions and tactics we utilize.

  • Analyzing the type of SEO needed (e.g. local, national, international, lead generation, e-commerce, non-profit engagement).
  • Establishing goals and KPIs as well as creating benchmark reports to gauge the success of the project at a later date.
  • Configuring Analytics e.g. GA4 events/conversions.
  • Keyword analysis and determining the target keyword set for the site.
  • Optimizing the content of a website based on the target keywords.
  • Optimizing the structure of a website to ensure the greatest visibility.
  • Developing new content based on Google's Quality Rating Guidelines i.e. Double EEAT - experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.
  • Increasing backlinks from other websites.
  • Implementing local optimization techniques.
  • Optimizing social media, blogs and web directories to increase visibility, traffic and page rank.
  • Optimizing listings in B2C and B2B vertical search directories (e.g. ThomasNet,, GlobalSpec, and
  • Utilizing the contextual advertising feature of Google Adwords.
  • Reputation monitoring and response management.
  • Evaluating Analytics and KPIs to refine the SEO program.

Each SEO project includes a customized plan based on the industry the organization is in, often implemented in two phases. First an in-depth initial project that includes determining the best SEO strategy as well as implementing tactics to increase traffic, visibility and leads. The second phase is a monthly program to maintain the increased traffic, visibility, and leads.

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