Learn How To Maintain SEO Actions During a Redesign

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Learn How To Maintain SEO Actions During a Redesign

Harry Bartlett

Are you in the stages of a website redesign? Don't forget to integrate the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that you have applied to the existing site to the redesigned site as well. Download the SEO Checklist and follow our steps to help maintain your website traffic, even after it has launched. 

Haven't performed any SEO tactics on your website yet? Use our checklist to help perform basic optimization techniques before or after your web redesign. 

Download our SEO Checklist

It is common for web traffic to drop after a web redesign launch, so don't panic! Google must first index the new website while also building domain authority so that it can ensure users are getting the best experience on the web. 

Using this checklist could help to minimize the amount of lost traffic by making sure all previous SEO work is carried over.

Still looking for more way to promote your new website? Take a look at 5 Ways to Promote Your New Website!

If you have been thinking about developing a new website, or are looking for help in increasing traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization, please contact us today. 

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