Bartlett Presents at Local Events

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Harry Bartlett speaking at an event

Bartlett Presents at Local Events

Harry Bartlett

Harry Bartlett, Principal at Bartlett Interactive, recently gave seminars focused on practical solutions for developing web 2.0 intiatives including the use of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn), e-mail marketing and SEO. See the events below:

1. Tuning Web 2.0: Practical Solutions for Internet Marketing
National Guild: North East Chapter and Workshop - Springfield, MA

2. Investing in a Website: How the Internet Can Grow Your Business
Concord Chamber of Commerce Business Lunch Seminar - Concord, MA

The goal of the seminars was to emphasize how to prioritize initiatives, use low cost methods and gauge results as online marketing options continue to increase.

Highlighted Statistics:

  • E-mail provides the highest return on investment of the following marketing programs:

               House e-mail marketing: 25%
               Search Engine Optimization: 18%
               Paid Search: 16%
               Public Relations: 12%
               Direct Mail: 12%
               Print Advertising: 4%
               Online Ads (banners etc.): 3%

                                           -MarketingSherpa Search Benchmark Guide 2008

  • Outbound vs. Inbound Cost Per Lead

              Outbound (trade shows, direct mail, print ads, TV/radio ads): $255/lead
              Inbound (SEO, blogging, social media, RSS,  public relations): $45/lead


  • “There was an estimated 276% increase in Facebook users ages 35-54 during the last six months of 2008, bringing their total to almost 7 million users."

                                                                                            - New York Times

Interested in learning more about Bartlett Interactive and Internet marketing consulting? Visit our website or contact us!

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