5 More Ways to Promote Your New Website

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5 More Ways to Promote Your New Website

Harry Bartlett

Last year we wrote a blog that was a big hit with fans. The blog post was centered around ways to help promote a new website. It included search engine optimization, great content, email marketing, social media and video marketing. There are many, many other ways to promote a new website, so we’ve decided to create another list for our visitors.

Through an Online Press Release

It is important to write a press release to announce the launch of your new website. This release can be distributed through various online release websites, such as PR Newswire or PR Wire. It should include information on the company, features of the new website and contact information. The press release helps to not only announce the new website, but it also to build a link relationship for your new website. Links are important to establishing the authority of a website, so fresh links from a recent press release will help with SEO factors as well.

Through External Link Building

Does your new website have any external links? Take a moment to review opportunities where you could include external links to other high authority websites. Some examples include, adding an affiliations page, a page that links to organizations that your business supports or including links to your favorite relevant blog posts. Adding links to external sites helps to establish a linking relationship between the new website & other more established websites. This helps to promote a website through link building and in hopes that the websites see the linking relationship.

Via Social Links

Have you added social links to your new website yet? It may seem like a small feature, but social linking is essential to building the authority of your new website and promoting your new site. Make sure the site has links to any of your social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Through Site Submissions

If you are trying to help promote your website a good place to look is in local online directories. A directory is an open listing of websites sorted by industry, services, etc. Directories include sites like Dmoz, Aabaco (formerly Yahoo) and others.  A link from a directory will help to build traffic and improve website rankings.

By Word-of-Mouth

Can you believe that even in the digital age sometimes word-of-mouth is an appropriate way of spreading news? So pick up the phone and call your friends, family and industry contacts to help spread the good news. Networking is a beneficial way of self-promotion and makes things a bit more personal.

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