SEO 'Tips' That Raise a Red Flag

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SEO practices that are cause for concern

SEO 'Tips' That Raise a Red Flag

Harry Bartlett

Surely you would like to hear all the things you need to do to get a page 1 ranking on Google but it can be equally important to be understand what not to do. Avoiding bad SEO tips can put money back into your pockets and prevent you from getting blacklisted by search engines.

Whether you hire an agency to do SEO for your website or do the SEO yourself, do not be convinced of the following:

1. Putting hidden text on your pages

If someone tells you that it is a good idea to put hidden text on the pages of your site just to get visitors, don't listen to them. This is an unethical blackhat technique that should not be used. Google places emphasizes on the relevance of your content when determining ranking so although this may work temporarily, it will have a negative long term effect.

2. Keyword Stuffing the Copy

Overusing keywords in your website copy can not only effect your placement in search engines but can turn visitors away due to unnatural sounding content. After doing keyword research, you should create a list of primary keywords to be used throughout the titles and main content. Then, create a secondary list to be used when necessary for additional pages.

3. Paying for links

Paying sites just to link to yours is unnecessary. Save those extra dollars for more important parts of your site.

4. Using a tool to submit your site to hundreds of directories

Submitting your site to every directory out there is a bad idea. You may think that the more exposure you get the better but half of the time they are low quality sites and will not help you in anyway.

Bartlett Interactive follows industry standards for SEO services. Read more about our Boston SEO Services and read our disclaimer on why we practice ethical SEO services.

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