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Client Name

Biosion develops innovative biologics to treat resistant, refractory, relapsed, and residual immune and oncologic diseases. The website needed to establish Biosion as a leader in next-generation therapeutics to attract partners, investors, and new employees. They tapped BI to create a visually inspiring and engaging multilingual website that communicates their mission of delivering breakthrough medicines that improve human life quality.

Establishing the Brand

Extensive research was performed utilizing a Creative Brief to understand how to position the brand both visually and in words. We worked closely with the Biosion team to understand the mission and messaging. This collaboration resulted in creating a visual metaphor for an initial design whereby an antibody with its Y shape visually correlated to personal triumph in a photo as illustrated with this initial design.


Chinese & English Speaking Sites

Biosion is based in China and serves the Chinese market as well as international markets. The website needed to be multi-lingual in Chinese (simplified) as well as English. For a site to be viewable in China it needs to be hosted there and an Internet Content Provider (ICP) registration application completed. This registration allows a client to host the website on a server in mainland China and is required for all business websites. We selected a host, and facilitated custom translations which were required due to the complex scientific nature of the content. The result is a seamless user experience for both versions of the site. 


Focus on Leadership 

Biosion has an impressive team including the executive & development teams and the advisory board, with extensive Life Science and R&D experience in biotech and antibody drug development. Often the team page and individual bio pages are the most visited pages of a site. The design uses ample white space to simplify the page and highlight the team profiles.


Once a visitor clicks on a picture, it opens up a detail page for each team member. Having individual team bio pages increase site traffic since each page is optimized for SEO and search phrases are often for specific people.


The clean design minimizes distraction and highlights the content. 

Creating a Strong Pipeline

The Pipeline is a critical aspect for any BioPharma company. Biosion wanted its site to explain the pipeline and the therapeutic value to help attract investors and development partners. Extensive research was conducted to determine best-in-class pipeline designs including the challenges of displaying a table format on mobile. Numerous iterations were then created and reviewed. This was a collaborative process incorporating input from the Biosion team. The resulting format includes the target program, potential indications, what phase the asset is in, and partners as well as a table for Phase 1 assets and Pre-clinical assets. The design has a minimalist layout, focused on the content that integrates the blue, green, and red branded color scheme indicating what stage the program is in. Each program also includes a detail page.



The new site was launched in December of 2021 and has received a positive response from investors and partners as well as increased organic traffic and low bounce rate due to its SEO-friendly design, simplified navigation, and unique content. The new site is an important part of Biosion’s commitment to bringing next-generation innovative therapeutics to patients worldwide, as well as expanding their portfolio and clinical success.

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