Website Security

We enhance website security by mitigating vulnerabilities, real-time monitoring, CMS & hosting best practices, SSL encryption, and HIPAA compliance.


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We provide the following security services:

  • Website security audits including evaluating the CMS, contributed modules/plugins, code, and the UI/UX design theme for vulnerabilities.
  • Penetration test results evaluation and mitigation.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) that provide server monitoring, security, and module updates including dev site testing and QA, deployment, and post-launch QA.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery plans in case of a security breach or crash.
  • Management of 3rd party software that scans the site for security vulnerabilities.
  • Installation of a site uptime and security hack monitoring utilities that send a notification to our security team if the site goes down or is hacked.
  • Monthly review of disk space and memory usage to ensure proper bandwidth.
  • SSL certificate integration and management.
  • Web hosting management and server maintenance.
  • Training on best practices for setting up CMS user profiles (usernames, passwords, administrative access permissions) and 2-factor authentication.



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