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Client Name
Blue Stream Labs
"Working with BI was a positive experience. The new site achieved our goals of re-branding, better messaging, and re-organizing our content so prospects can easily understand what we do and how we add value. BI has a great team. They transitioned well from design to messaging to content and Internet marketing. The SEO generated considerably more leads and of a higher quality."
Sr. Director
Integration and Business Strategy, Charles River Labs


For a period of 3 years we worked for a division of Charles River Labs, formerly known as Blue Stream Labs (BSL). They are a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO), specializing in Protein Characterization of biomolecules for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies.

We started the Discovery process by learning about key aspects of BSL, their business and project specifics, including: the project objectives, brand attributes, audience personas, competitors, messaging, content and functional specifications. We also focussed on understanding marketing particulars including: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), competitor analysis, calls to action, keyword analysis, keyword rankings and other metrics.


Collaborating with the client during the Discovery phase produced a few site features that became the foundation for the success of the site and the project.

What BSL Does

The first step was determining how best to communicate what BSL does. This might sound obvious but CRO services are complex. This screenshot shows 3 ways to understand their services.


This comprehensive list broken into 3 parts made it easy for a wide range of prospects to easily understand what BSL does.

Drug Discovery Timeline

Another feature that came out of the Discovery Phase, addresses how BSL services fit within the Drug Discovery process. This was communicated via an interactive information graphic.


Listing the services that BSL provides in each phase made it easy for prospects to see how BSL fits within the bigger picture of Drug Discovery.

Real Projects

This feature shows over 80 classification samples that BSL has completed for clients. The list can be filtered by keywords making it easy for a prospect to see if BSL has experience in the area they need.


Why Do these Features Matter?

Two reasons - first prospects can more easily understand what BSL does, how they fit in with the bigger picture, and how they can help them. Secondly, the content displayed is real and there’s lots of it. This made the site more visible to search engines. Since content included keywords that prospects search for, the site generated more leads.

Attract & Convert

After the site was complete the content was optimized and other tactics were used to attract more traffic from search engines. The Call to Action was simple, broad and appealing. The combination of the site architecture, content strategy and SEO produced more conversions and quality leads.



The site was well received by the client and prospects. After the site was launched, and 3 months of SEO work was completed, the following was achieved:

  • Approximately 100% increase in leads per month. Lead quality also improved.
  • 70% increase in traffic
  • 10% decrease in bounce rate from organic search

We believe the close collaboration with the client, their input, and our ability to listen and provide best practices in information architecture, user experience design, and Internet marketing were the key ingredients for the success of this project.

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