Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership

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Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc.
"The differences from our previous site are amazing - both visible and behind the scenes with the CMS. I especially like the interactive map that was added to a number of the landing pages and its visible representation of our efforts. The searchable database is a powerful change as well that enables our reports and work to be more easily accessed. The integration of our blog and having "flatter" navigation are benefits I appreciate throughout the site. Thanks again for all your work to date and our continued association."
Bob McTighe
Director of Finance and Administration
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc.
Neep website

Founded in 1996, the Northeast Energy Partnership (NEEP), is a non-profit focused on increasing the adoption of high energy efficiency products, reducing energy use in buildings and implementing sustainable energy policy for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region.

The goals for the new website included:

  • Content & Structure: Create a more intuitive information architecture that fosters deeper exploration and engagement with this high content site (over 1,000 pages), This entailed using an advanced search (Apache Solr) and CMS capability (Drupal) that allows for a complex data structure and taxonomy (content organization).
  • Design: Create a more visually dynamic user experience design, integrating video, information graphics, and photography and utilizing a Responsive Web Design (RWD) for increased accessibility and optimal display on mobile and higher resolution screens.
  • Technology: Utilize a best-in-class Content management System (Drupal) enabling easy site construction, editing, and blog integration as well as improved secure portals.
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