Training & Support

Our goal is to deliver a site that is easy to use and edit. Since websites are ‘never done’ we focus on providing training, support and an easy to use content management system so clients can easily publish content and maintain their site.

Here are some of the training and support services we provide:

  • Training: In person and remote training on how to edit pages, add new content and any other aspects of web publishing. This includes Drupal and Wordpress as well as other content management systems and technologies.
  • User Guides: Written instructions on how to edit and publish content on the site in general as well as editing specific features. This includes screenshots and step by step instructions.
  • Support: Follow up support for reviewing analytics, e-commerce reports, website editing, publishing and site administration.
  • Technical Documentation: Written description of functional components and transfer of all login information, passwords and server information.
  • Ongoing Server Support: Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which include monthly server monitoring, security and module updates.

To find out more on how we can help you with your training and support needs please fill out the form below.


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