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The Glossary is an educational tool to help people understand the different aspects of website development and internet marketing. 

This is a link from other websites that point to a specific page on your website. 

Backlinks are important for SEO but only if done properly. There are spam and bad backlinks that could actually hurt your website's performance and cause your site to be penalized. 

When a user is presented with too many images and CTAs in a rotating carousel and ultimately decide not to pursue any of the options provided. 

A factor that prevents a user or group from entering a specific market or industry because of economic, technological, or regulatory reasoning. 


The usage of automated email systems to collect an email subscriber's data in order to tailor email campaigns to specific users based on their behavior.


These reports are created at the beginning of a SEO project. Typical reports show how many unique visitors are going to a site or show rankings by keywords. The reports are then used to compare results after a SEO project is completed or after a substantial amount of time has occurred during a SEO project. Without a benchmark report it’s difficult to tell how successful a project is.


Make sure Key Performance Indicators are identified and Benchmark Reports are completed before an Internet Marketing project is started.

Black Hat SEO are attempted ways of tricking search engines to rank a website better. They are in poor practice and in the end go against search engines. They may work for a short time but when the search engines update their algorithm these tactics are likely to land penalties to websites partaking in them.

Blog is short for web log. They are logs of entries on specific topics that relate to areas of expertise of the writer. They range from expressing opinions, expressing data, reviewing products or services, and more. 

It is a part of most websites where the company/owner of the website curates new content around areas of their expertise. This is a great place for engagement from users as well as a way to help SEO and rankings for websites.

A way to associate groups of content and easily access associated content, frequently used in Blogs.

Short for Robot. A device or software that executes commands, replies to messages, or performs routine tasks, e.g. online searches, either automatically or with minimal human intervention. An example is a shopping bot that helps consumers find the best prices.

Keep in mind when reviewing Analytics that the amount of traffic is 50% from bots, not humans.


A three digit code sent back to the server when an email bounces (cannot be delivered). A code beginning with four shows a bounce is temporary, a code beginning with five means the bounce is permanent.


The percentage of visits in which a person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with your site.

Used in software development, a breakpoint is the stopping place in a program that specifies when a certain change should occur. For example, in responsive web design, a developer would typically include at least three breakpoints: desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

This refers to the set of browsers that the site needs to work properly on. It includes browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer as well as operating systems and screen resolutions. As of 2014 there are close to 300 devices that access the Internet and hundreds of browser and operating systems. We use the tool Browser Stack which makes the process of testing sites easier. Note due to the amount of browser and operating system combinations, it’s not possible to test every one.


It’s important to familiarize yourself with the browser spec for the project including knowing if the browser/OS/screen resolution you use is on the list before the project starts.

This refers to properly placing buttons at the bottom of a page or section of a page. Button placement is typically best after people have had time to read or view more info and then decide if they want to continue on or click on a Call to Action button. People naturally look for buttons at the bottom of a page.

Buyer Persona is a description of your ideal customer base that is derived from market research and real data on your current customers. If you offer more than one product or service it is typical to have more than one persona. 

When creating a buyer persona take into account demographics, behavior patterns, goals, motivations, education level, career title, income level, age, gender, and anything else that you find typical of your customers. 


Developing buyer personas are vital to target marketing. The personas tell you exactly who your customers typically are which allows better-targeted advertisements, sales, and promotions. 

The process of a potential client obtaining information regarding a future purchase.

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