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The Glossary is an educational tool to help people understand the different aspects of website development and internet marketing. 

In SEO, relevance describes the magnitude of relatedness between the content on a website and the content of a search.

This refers to scanning the web to improve the reputation of an individual, company or organization. Examples include scanning Yelp to see if there are any negative reviews and trying to rectify problems. Services such as Google Alerts are effective ways to monitor an online presence for both positive and negative postings.


This refers to a way of coding a site so that it displays optimally on a mobile device as well as large screens. A RWD is comprised of breakpoints (typically 4), one for a mobile phone, tablet, desktop standard and desktop large. Read more about it here.


Responsive websites have become standard. 2 years ago there were less than 100 types of devices that could access the Internet, now there are close to 300. If you are redesigning your site make sure it uses a RWD.

The strategy through which you measure the performance of an investment relative to other investments. This figure is calculated by dividing generated revenue by total investment costs.

After an Alpha site is released, there are typically revisions. This is due to the fact that until an actual website is released it’s hard to know fully how it will look and work. The different types of revisions include preferences for how a page responds on a particular mobile device to how a page looks when it is fully populated with content. The more time spent in the Definition phase specifying functionality and using advanced ‘live’ wireframing will reduce the amount of time needed for revisions.


Review how much time is included in the Project Plan for definition and revisions. 15 - 30 hours is often needed if the site is reviewed by multiple people, includes a RWD and functional features.

This file prevents web spiders/crawlers such as Googlebot from accessing all or parts of your website which is publically viewable.


This is a term that refers to a type of website user. Each user will be given a role and permissions such as a web page editor or site administrator.

This design style uses single rows to display content so the user is less distracted by competing content that a multi-column user interface displays.

Another benefit is its mobile-friendliness. Since content is presented in a more self-contained block it's easier to change the format for better display on different screen sizes. Mobile designs typically are always one column as well, forcing simplicity and clarity due to the small screen resolution.

Stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s an easy way to “feed” content from one site to another.


A concept in marketing that states a potential customer should come in contact with your marketing message at least seven times before they make a purchase.

This includes extensive mobile definition and design. The process includes creating a prototype so that key functionality can be reviewed during the Definition Phase. It also includes designs for numerous pages (more than the 3 included with a RWD Intermediate project).

This includes more definition and design time than a RWD Starter website. It includes a wireframe and design for the Home and two other key pages on a phone and a tablet.

This refers to a basic RWD/Mobile optimized site. It is used when the budget doesn’t allow for extensive definition and design of a mobile website. For example, an RWD typically has 4 breakpoints, one for a mobile phone, another for a tablet, another for a small desktop and one for a large desktop. To minimize costs only one design e.g. mobile phone is created and the other devices are implemented as the developer thinks best. In other words, a RWD Starter website is an entry level mobile site where not every type of design or functional feature is fully defined and designed before it is developed and released for review.


Make sure you understand to what extent your Mobile site is designed and defined. Also keep in mind that designing and defining all aspects of a Mobile site takes a considerable amount of time and may be cost prohibitive.

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