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The Glossary is an educational tool to help people understand the different aspects of website development and internet marketing. 

This stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. LAMP or a LAMP stack is the software that is used to run a CMS on the web server.


LAMP is the most prevalent web hosting environment. Other alternatives such as a Windows IIS server will run a Drupal or WordPress site but it is more time consuming and there can be complications.


These are pages that typically have a strong call to action (CTA) to convert anonymous users into known prospects. Landing pages are used often as part of a search marketing, advertising or email campaign.

Take Away:

If Google Adwords or another type of Pay Per Click campaign is being used, make sure you have a good landing page to not only test different CTAs but also understand how well the ad campaign is performing.

Landing Page Optimization, also known as LPO, is the process by which you optimize a customized landing page to increase conversions. 

A contact or user that has converted on your site.


This is the process of creating interest in a product or service. Internet marketing techniques include using Calls to Action (CTAs) to convert anonymous users into known prospects.


If your site is used for marketing purposes, take the time to understand how you can be using it to generate leads. 

Building ongoing relationships with potential new clients with the hopes of receiving business from them in the future when they are ready to purchase. 

This is a phrase often used by designers to express the view that a minimalist approach to design, results in a more effective solution. Another related phrase is ‘design equals addition through subtraction’. The process entails stripping away nonessential words, images, and layout shapes, leaving what is most important, so it can be communicated without distraction.


The process of obtaining backlinks from relevant websites while also linking out to relevant sites. This area has evolved and no longer is it the person that has the most links considered the best link builder. The quality of the links matter more than ever.

The first step is developing quality content that in turn will deliver quality backlinks from authority sites that are relevant in your industry. By having many unnatural or irrelevant links, it can lead to penalties. Search engines will see that as deceptive or black hat SEO.

Typically used for email marketing, this is the method by which you categorize recipient lists based on different factors.

These can include location, age, industry, and many others. 


Common or broad keywords typically have more competition thus making it difficult to rank high for. By targeting SEO towards long tail keywords along with common ones it makes ranking high easier for terms that are more specific to your organization. Users from these search queries will be more qualified and will allow ranking higher to be easier.

Techniques to organize and visualize content on your site, allowing you to understand how pieces of content relate to each other and the goals and preferences of your users.

Software and other technology tasked with automating repetitive actions related to marketing in order to focus on more complex marketing strategies.

A lead who is more likely to become a customer compared to other leads, based on the lead's engagement and other behavior.

Material Design pertains to a design language that was developed in 2014 by Google. It makes use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows.

In general, people tend to have more favorable opinions of things they are familiar with.

Text that is less than 160 characters describing the contents of the page and why a user should visit the page. Meta descriptions are displayed in search engine results pages (SERPs) below the page title.

These tags, such as the Page Title, Meta Description or Image alt tag, are not very prominent to a site visitor but are of critical importance to a search engine robot when it crawls a website to see what it is about. Populating these meta tags comprise the basic foundation for a SEO project.

Snippets of HTML code that can be placed on a web page to provide contextual information for search engines and web crawlers. 

The moment in which a person instinctively uses a device (usually a smartphone) to fulfill the need to learn, do, see, or buy something.


In computer programming, this is the process by which all unnecessary parts of the source code are removed without hindering it's functionality. 


A minimum viable product (MVP) is where a new website is developed with enough features to satisfy early users and then provide feedback for future enhancements.

This refers to the way a Responsive Web Design is constructed. Typically there are 4 breakpoints, one for a: mobile phone, tablet, desktop small, and desktop large. Breakpoints are defined by pixel width.

The most common two types of mobile displays are phones and tablets. The sizes of these displays vary and there are close to 300 different devices that can access the Internet as of 2014.


Keep in mind a Responsive Web Design is not one design. It will change with each different type of device.

This term has become more popular with the explosion of different types of mobile devices and the popularity of using a Responsive Web Design to accommodate them. It refers to both designing and developing a website for mobile first before desktop. This entails a very different web development approach than a traditional desktop first process.

With Google releasing a new Mobile First update to their algorithm designing and developing on a mobile first mindset is more important than ever.

Modules are add-ons to core CMS functionality; They offer additional specialized features to supplement the basics. As of February 2014 there are over 30,000 community contributed modules to Drupal as well as a similar amount of plugins for WordPress.

A feature that allows a single, shared Drupal installation for multiple websites. The multi-site can share core code, contributed modules, and themes so that updates and upgrades need to be completed only once for several sites. Databases and configuration settings remain unique to each website.


Interacting with potential customers by utilizing a combination of communication platforms. This can include a variety of outlets, such as a blog, email campaign, and social media.


This term refers to a site that can be displayed in multiple languages.

Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP, is the way in which computers process and analyze data that is composed of natural language.


This term refers to ones ability to move throughout the web, whether it be on a browser such as Google, or within a website itself. Navigation is important in the user’s experience. A site that is difficult to navigate will be offputting to the user.

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